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    Louvre Expertise Skills Sharing, Training, and Consulting for Cultural Institutions

    This offering aims to promote and share the Louvre’s skills through training, consulting, and coaching, to benefit cultural institutions that call on this service.

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    Heir to the century of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the Louvre has become the “museum among museums.” Not only does it now seek to make its collections accessible to all, but also to share its expertise.

    The museum has created the Louvre Expertise to address the need for support and transfer of skills and expertise as voiced by numerous cultural players. This new activity is part of the museum’s cooperation policy, in keeping with the expansion of its network of international partners.

    Who can use the Louvre’s expertise service?

    This service is aimed at cultural institutions and their staff, as well as other professionals in cultural fields, in France and abroad.

    Why call on the Louvre Expertise Division?

    The museum can help you to:

    ♦ develop expertise specific to your institution and enhance the professionalism of your staff
    ♦ open up new horizons for your professional practices 
    ♦ prepare for your institution’s future

    What skills can the Musée du Louvre offer?

    The Louvre is able to contribute to a wide range of fields that include:

    ♦ Enhancing and conserving heritage collections:

    - Developing a preventive conservation policy
    - Conducting collection assessment
    - Organizing artwork technical management
    - Optimizing collection inventory management
    - Developing a museographic program to showcase permanent collections
    - Designing and organizing temporary exhibitions
    - Organizing a collection’s scientific literature and associated documentation
    - Developing a research policy
    - ...

    ♦ Visitor reception and outreach:

    - Constructing policies of audience development, art and cultural education, and museum interpretation
    - Cultivating new audiences—including families, young adults, and those with little access to museums—and engaging their ongoing interest
    - Designing museum interpretation programs within the museum galleries
    - Designing exhibitions for young visitors
    - Ensuring artwork and visitor security

    ♦ External relations and development strategy:

    - Elaborating a development strategy at local and/or international level
    - Steering large-scale museographic projects
    - Creating and implementing a communications strategy
    - Creating and implementing an own resources development strategy
    - Establishing a quality initiative and executing internal audits
    - ...

    Who are the Louvre experts?

    They are specialists from the Louvre with the skills that the museum’s partners are looking for.

    They may be curators, conservators, exhibition designers, as well as those in charge of museum interpretation, security, or external affairs, as appropriate.  

    Their involvement is based on co-construction and the sharing of experience.

    The aim is not to “do in the place of” but rather to provide support for the museum’s partners, enabling them to develop their own skills and and to enhance their autonomy.

    How does the Louvre intervene?

    The museum’s expertise service can take various forms, at your premises as well as at the Louvre:

    ♦ On-site training initiatives
    ♦ Auditing, consulting, and coaching
    ♦ Seminars, conferences…

    The Louvre Expertise Division is at your disposal to define the option best suited to your needs: type of service, duration, venue…

    Practical information

    For information on Louvre Expertise, please contact:

    Sophie Kammerer
    Head of Louvre Expertise Division
    External Relations Department
    Tel: +33 (0)1 40 20 51 87


    Key strengths of the Louvre’s expertise

    • Internationally acknowledged skills.
    • A practical, operational approach based on the museum’s skills and know-how.
    • Coaching tailored to user-specific needs.
    • Meeting with high-level experts.
    • Access to the Louvre’s international network.