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    Tales of the Museum

    Dominique-Vivant Denon entices young and old into his workshop—an Aladdin's cave of treasures and memories. This emblematic figure was the first director of the Louvre in 1802. He has come back to life for us as a whimsical and exuberant adventurer who may not know everything, but has lived in the Louvre for over two centuries, mingling with artists, curators, museum attendants, visitors—maybe you!—so he's a boundless source of true stories, anecdotes, and memories about the artworks and his own life…

    Some fifty anecdotes and five stories about the museum and its masterpieces are accessible in his workshop, by clicking on objects that appear at random, by choosing from a list in the portfolio or by using the index mode. As you explore the workshop, the mysteries and secrets surrounding the creation, discovery, acquisition, or restoration of a number of artworks are revealed by these "incredible-but-true" tales.

    Find these stories and more on Louvre Kids.

    5 stories, 49 anecdotes

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